Believing in the potential of young people with the Jitoleze Foundation

“We would have the best actor Hollywood ever had if only we gave some time to the local drama Crew, someone would be the best author the world ever dreamt of,  if he/she just took a pen and a paper and jointed a few words, it is always about giving life a try.’’-Odhiambo Clide (Jitoleze Foundation Executive Director)

“2016 collaboration – We trained youths in mushroom growing and offered a motivational talk at the youth camp organized by Alliance for Sustainable Health and Wealth in Africa (ASHWA) Uganda”

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ASHWA teams up with Red Cross to train girls to make Resusable Sanitary Pads

First published 30/03/19

Our team trained women and men to make Reusable sanitary pads. Students of Red Cross Jinja School of Nursing Link have carried a package back home of fighting stigma in menstruation. Big thumbs to Africa Well Able for organising the skilling the Red Cross volunteers. 


Sharing with Restless Development – Findings presented at African Health International Agenda

Omondi Eric shares his experience with restless development. These were included in a report that was presented during the last Africa health international agenda in Kigali Rwanda….

…ASHWA, a youth-led organisation operating in Busia, Uganda works on SRHR and gender equality issues including menstrual hygiene, reducing stigma around accessing sexual health services and post-abortion care, and sensitising communities to the harmful effects of unsafe abortion. One of the approaches used by ASHWA Uganda to raise awareness and seek accountability from district health officers and district leaders is through a partnership with a local radio station. According to Eric Omondi of ASHWA, “We engage the community through talk shows. Listeners call in and ask questions to the leaders about what they have done.” For example, community members have called in to the radio saying that they cannot access HIV and AIDS drugs on time, calling on the community leader to ensure the stock is replenished by the national drug authority in a timely manner. Omondi notes that using the radio has also had a positive effect on the organisation’s profile and reputation in the community which in turn allows them greater access to district health officials and district leaders to carry out their work advocating for youth-friendly health services.

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ICT & Entrepreneurship team up with Mweva IT Scouting

We teamed up with Mweva IT Scouting to bring about the Ashwa Youth Camp – Uganda. 
This project brings together youth from the eastern province to teach girls to make reusable pads and entrepreneurship skills. We teach girls web design skills.

Mweva is a Non-Government Organisation working to reduce poverty among the marginalised, disadvantaged and underserved communities by providing them with digital and entrepreneurship skills. Their vision is to play a vital role in training ICT and Entrepreneurial skills to marginalised youth and help to create endless opportunities for them


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Working with Flowseekers and Streetways Uganda

“When many little people do many little things in many small places, they can change the face of the world.”

– Ugandan proverb 🇺🇬

Who is Streetways Uganda?

Streetways Uganda is a nonprofit and volunteer project dedicated to helping homeless children and adolescents in Uganda.

As a joint project of the Ugandan organizations ASHWA and Streetways Uganda Tororo and the German association Streetways Uganda eV , they support project participants in two locations in eastern Uganda.

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